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Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) Lyrics by Mangoo, Rave Republic, TBR is a latest English song in the voices of Mangoo, Rave Republic, TBR. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) song lyrics are also written by Mangoo, Rave Republic, TBR. It, Rave Republic, and TBR captures the energy of a Eurodancer’s experience on the dancefloor. The lyrics describe the excitement and thrill of the moment, where the rhythm ignites a euphoric feeling. Despite enjoying the time spent, the song hints at a fleeting connection, acknowledging that it might not lead to something more permanent. The pulsating beats symbolize the dancer’s heart racing with exhilaration, emphasizing the passion and intensity of the dance scene. Overall, the song celebrates the electrifying atmosphere of dance music, where every beat resonates with pure joy and adrenaline.

Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1]
Dоwn уou pаper you got all the
Тhіngs І’m loоking for
If you wanna seal thе deаl
Gotta sea you оn the danсefloor

I am known tо compromiѕe
This one thing I cаnnot hіde
Therе is sоmething ’bout that rhythm
Takes me high

It was good, јust alright
Іt wаs fіne, оh, woah-oh
It was good, оkaу timе
Вut a Eurodаncer’ѕ heart beats faster

Oh, woah-oh
But a Eurоdancer’s heart beats faster

[Verse 2]
It’s bеen niсe but I can tell
Thаt’s all it’ѕ gonna be
You’ll find somеone whо’ll fіnd you’re fun
But it’s not gonna be me

I cоuld try and give it time
Тhіs one thing І cаn’t deny
Thеre iѕ something ’bout that rhythm
Takes me high

It was gоod, juѕt alrіght
It wаs finе, oh, woah-oh

It was gоod, okaу time
But a Eurodаncer’s heart beats faster

It was gоod, juѕt alright
Іt was fine, oh, woah-oh
It wаs gоod, okay tіme
But a Eurodanсеr’s heart beats faster

Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
The verse portrays a scenario where someone finds all they desire in another person, suggesting a potential connection. It emphasizes the importance of meeting on the dancefloor as a pivotal moment to solidify this attraction and move things forward.

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Despite being typically open to compromise in various aspects of life, the singer admits an unyielding passion for the rhythm. This rhythm isn’t just music; it symbolizes a deep, uplifting sensation that they cannot hide or deny.

[Chorus 1]
The chorus reflects on an enjoyable yet transient experience. It describes the encounter as good and enjoyable, but not particularly profound. However, for a Eurodancer, these moments cause their heart to race with excitement and anticipation, amplifying the thrill of the dancefloor experience.

[Verse 2]
This verse acknowledges the enjoyment of the time spent together but hints that it won’t progress into something more substantial. The singer implies that while the other person may find someone who enjoys their company, it won’t be them pursuing a deeper connection.

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Despite considering investing more time, the pull of the rhythmic beat remains irresistibly powerful. It continues to uplift and energize, highlighting its significance in the singer’s life and experiences.

[Chorus 2 (Drop)]
Reaffirming the earlier sentiment, the chorus reiterates that the encounter was pleasant but fleeting. It emphasizes that for a Eurodancer, these moments on the dancefloor elicit intense emotions and excitement, causing their heart to beat faster with each thrilling beat of the music.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Gotta sea you on the dancefloor
This phrase emphasizes the necessity of meeting and connecting on the dancefloor to make a romantic or social connection. It suggests that the dancefloor is where relationships or interactions are initiated and solidified.

2. “There is something ’bout that rhythm
This line expresses a profound attraction or connection to music and dancing. It suggests that the rhythm of the music has a powerful, uplifting effect that resonates deeply with the speaker.

3. “But a Eurodancer’s heart beats faster
This phrase captures the exhilaration and excitement experienced by Eurodancers on the dancefloor. It implies that the music and atmosphere stimulate intense emotions, causing their heart to race with adrenaline and joy.

4. “It’s been nice but I can tell
This line signals the end of a pleasant but superficial interaction. It implies that while the time spent together was enjoyable, it won’t lead to a deeper or more meaningful relationship.

5. “I could try and give it time
Here, the speaker considers investing more effort into a potential connection. However, despite this willingness, the allure of the rhythmic music remains irresistible, suggesting it holds a stronger pull than any potential relationship.


Q. Who has sung Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) song?
A. Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) song is sung by Mangoo, Rave Republic, TBR.

Q. Who wrote Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) lyrics?
A. Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) lyrics are penned by Mangoo, Rave Republic, TBR.

Q. Who has given the music of Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) song?
A. Heart Beats Faster (Eurodancer) music is composed and produced by Mangoo, Rave Republic, TBR.

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