GROUP CHAT FREESTYLE Lyrics by EPIK HIGH is a latest English song in the voice of EPIK HIGH. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Group Chat Freestyle song lyrics are also written by EPIK HIGH. It is a raw, heartfelt message addressing fake friends and betrayal. The lyrics call out hypocrites who pretend to be supportive but gossip behind backs. The artists express frustration with those who switch sides when times are tough, mocking them for their insincerity and disloyalty. The song delivers a powerful message about authenticity and staying true to oneself amidst betrayal and deceit.


[Intro: Tablo]
Real talk
It’s coming straight from my heart
To everyone out there

[Verse 1: Tablo]
Trash motherfu*kers, rat motherfu*kers
Backstabbing ass, scumbag motherfu*kers
Yeah, motherfu*kers, y’all are fair-weather friends
But the weather over here is always bad, motherfu*ker
All an act, motherfu*kers
But when the s*it gets real, don’t know how to act, motherfu*kers

Wishing death upon me in group chats, motherfu*kers
You must be on crack, motherfu*kers
Laugh at every joke that I crack, motherfu*kers
Turn around, diss me on a track, motherfu*kers
Ain’t no present for you, stuck in the past, motherfu*kers
‘Cause I’m back, motherfu*kers

[Bridge: Tablo]
Time out, time out
All these snakes lying about
‘Blo, you got me wrong
Yeah? Fu*k around and find out
Ah-ha, ayy-yo, ‘Thra
Hit ’em with the hook

[Refrain: Mithra Jin]
You don’t know me, I don’t know you
I don’t know Steve, I don’t know Andrew
Dave, Kevin, James, 관심 없다구
Hey, bro
You don’t know me, I don’t know you
I don’t know Pete, I don’t know Matthew
Mike, William, 관심 없다구
Hey, bro



Tablo begins by emphasizing the sincerity of his words, stating that what he’s about to say is genuine and heartfelt. It’s a straightforward message directed at everyone who’s listening, setting the tone for the song’s authenticity and emotional depth.

[Verse 1]
Tablo expresses deep frustration and anger towards people he considers fake and disloyal. He uses strong language to describe them as unreliable and deceitful (“trash motherfu*kers,” “rat motherfu*kers,” etc.). He criticizes their hypocrisy, pointing out that they pretend to be friends when times are good but abandon him when faced with real challenges. Tablo also addresses their betrayal, mocking their inability to handle serious situations and their tendency to gossip or wish harm upon him behind his back. Despite their actions, he asserts his resilience and determination to overcome their negativity.

In the bridge, Tablo calls a timeout on all the lies and deceitful behavior he’s encountered. He refers to himself as ‘Blo and warns those who have misunderstood him or underestimated him to beware of the consequences. It’s a moment of defiance and readiness to confront those who have wronged him, setting the stage for the song’s assertive message.

Mithra Jin’s refrain reinforces the theme of estrangement and indifference towards those who have shown themselves to be disloyal. He repeats that he doesn’t know these individuals personally and has no interest in forming connections with them. By listing various common names, he emphasizes the universality of his disconnection from those who have betrayed him. It’s a declaration of detachment and a refusal to engage with those who have proven themselves untrustworthy.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Real talk
Tablo speaks sincerely and directly, sharing his genuine thoughts and feelings without any pretense or sugar-coating.

2. “Trash motherfu*kers, rat motherfu*kers
Tablo harshly criticizes individuals he perceives as deceitful and untrustworthy, using strong language to express his disdain.

3. “Fair-weather friends
Refers to people who only stick around when times are good but disappear or betray you when you face difficulties or challenges.

4. “All an act
Describes fake behavior where people pretend to be supportive or friendly but reveal their true intentions when confronted with real issues.

5. “Wishing death upon me in group chats
Tablo condemns those who express malicious intent or negative wishes towards him in private or online discussions, highlighting their betrayal.


Q. Who has sung GROUP CHAT FREESTYLE song?

Q. Who wrote GROUP CHAT FREESTYLE lyrics?
A. GROUP CHAT FREESTYLE lyrics are penned by EPIK HIGH.

Q. Who has given the music of GROUP CHAT FREESTYLE song?
A. GROUP CHAT FREESTYLE music is composed and produced by EPIK HIGH.

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