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Groove Theory Lyrics by Kehlani is a latest English song in the voice of Kehlani. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Groove Theory song lyrics are also written by Kehlani. In Kehlani’s song Groove Theory, she explores a passionate connection with someone special. She sings about embracing her unique quirks and desires, like enjoying hot showers and needing understanding in relationships. The lyrics reveal a deep longing to groove together, emphasizing intimacy and a strong emotional bond. The song celebrates freedom and sensuality, with Kehlani’s vocals capturing both vulnerability and confidence in pursuing love.

Groove Theory Lyrics

I’m not the one
And I’m kind of crazy
I like my shower water in flames
And I don’t feel a thing
If you so ever touch a wing on my body, might drip acid rain
She knows my heart
And she knows I’m patient
I turned to God to keep it sane (I turned to God to keep it sane)
Hope she forgives me (Hope she forgives me)
If you so ever say a thing I don’t like, it might come back again

I took the leap, somebody’s heart

[Verse 1]
Don’t touch that dial
Let’s get some understanding
You can lay it all down
Life is so demanding
Come talk with me
Wanna get you open
Now that you’re free

I was hoping to groove, baby
I wanna groove, baby, with you
I wanna groove, baby
Baby, let’s groove, let’s groove
Nothing else I rather do

[Verse 2]
Pop out, pop out, I know that it’s lethal
Let’s make a movie
Then come and show me the sequel
I can’t explain it
That body, my favorite playlist

And I’m slapping that thing
Anywhere, everywhere I
“Keep it on repeat” (Oh)
Girl, your body like my playlist
I slap that, put it on repeat
Girl, your body like my playlist
I slap that, put it on repeat
Them street lights your spotlight, yeah
Shawty shining like baguettes when it hit midnight, yeah
All I smell is your perfume and that black ice
All I see is my POV of you in the passenger side
And it’s up, you’re feeling dangerous (You’re fu*king my leather up)
You’re softer when you’re naked
And this moment’s for the taking
Let me save you (‘Cause you my baby)

I wanna groove, baby
I wanna groove, baby, with you
I wanna groove, baby
Baby, let’s groove, let’s groove
Nothing else I’d rather do

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Groove Theory Lyrics Meaning

In the intro, Kehlani paints a picture of her unique personality. She declares herself as not fitting into conventional molds (“I’m not the one”) and embraces her individuality, even if it’s seen as unconventional (“I’m kind of crazy”). Her reference to liking shower water “in flames” suggests a preference for intensity and passion in all aspects of life. Kehlani indicates emotional resilience (“I don’t feel a thing”) but warns against crossing her boundaries, which could lead to intense repercussions (“might drip acid rain”). Despite her tough exterior, she acknowledges someone who understands her deeply (“She knows my heart”) and her journey towards emotional stability through spirituality (“turned to God to keep it sane”). She hopes for forgiveness for her imperfections, indicating a desire for understanding and acceptance in her relationships.

The interlude reflects a moment of bravery and commitment. Kehlani metaphorically describes taking a leap, possibly into a new relationship or emotional commitment, acknowledging the gravity of potentially affecting someone’s heart.

[Verse 1]
In the first verse, Kehlani calls for clear communication and understanding in relationships. She urges not to avoid difficult conversations (“Don’t touch that dial”) and acknowledges the challenges of life (“Life is so demanding”). By inviting openness and honesty (“Come talk with me”), she creates space for deep connection now that both parties have the freedom to express themselves authentically.

The chorus expresses Kehlani’s strong desire for intimate connection and shared experiences. She emphasizes her longing to dance and enjoy life together (“I was hoping to groove, baby”), highlighting the joy and fulfillment she finds in being close to her partner.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, Kehlani delves into the physical and emotional aspects of a passionate relationship. She describes the intense attraction and chemistry she shares with her partner (“Pop out, pop out, I know that it’s lethal”). The metaphor of making a movie and its sequel suggests creating memorable moments together. Kehlani compares her partner’s body to her favorite playlist, symbolizing deep appreciation and enjoyment. She vividly describes sensory experiences like street lights and perfume, enhancing her connection with her partner. The verse portrays a moment of intense emotion and desire, with Kehlani expressing her willingness to cherish and protect these moments with her loved one.

The final chorus reiterates Kehlani’s desire for intimate connection and shared joy through dancing and being together with her partner. It emphasizes her commitment to enjoying life to the fullest in their company, expressing that nothing else brings her as much happiness as being in sync with her loved one.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “I’m kind of crazy
Acknowledges her unconventional nature and willingness to embrace her uniqueness, not fitting into societal norms.

2. “Let’s make a movie
Expresses a desire to create unforgettable moments together, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences and adventures.

3. “Life is so demanding
Recognizes the challenges and pressures of life, implying a need for understanding and support amidst these demands.

4. “You’re feeling dangerous
Describes a thrilling and intense connection, where emotions are heightened and the moment feels exhilarating and risky.

5. “I wanna groove, baby
Conveys a deep longing for intimate connection and enjoyment through music and dancing with a loved one, prioritizing shared joy and passion.


Q. Who has sung Groove Theory song?
A. Groove Theory song is sung by Kehlani.

Q. Who wrote Groove Theory lyrics?
A. Groove Theory lyrics are penned by Kehlani.

Q. Who has given the music of Groove Theory song?
A. Groove Theory music is composed and produced by Kehlani.

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