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Get Up On It Lyrics by YTB Fatt is a latest English song in the voice of YTB Fatt. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Get Up On It song lyrics are also written by YTB Fatt. It depicts a gritty narrative from the streets, highlighting betrayal among friends, the harsh realities of survival, and the relentless pursuit of success despite adversity. The lyrics delve into themes of loyalty, violence, and the hustle, contrasting wealth with the struggle of the past. It paints a vivid picture of a tough environment where trust is rare, and every move is calculated. The song’s energetic tone and raw storytelling capture the essence of street life and ambition in the face of obstacles.

Get Up On It Lyrics

(You’ll fly too if you link up with Frenchie)
Huh, psh, woo
Uh, woo
Uh, psh, ah

[Verse 1]
Hear another fed on his ass, he use a beeper
He run by minutes
He don’t even trust nobody, no lie, the young n!gga only have a street sweepers, woo
The last pack came through was extra, he don’t know the sender back a keeper, psh
Last n!gga played with him sent a Tesla, drop top ‘Vette how we leaving, woo

You a killer, he gon’ greet you
You shoot me, I shoot you, off top, get even, psh
I make a hundred a week, psh, I remember toting a BB, psh
Can’t compare your story like mine, ‘member they whacked my TT, psh
You ain’t seen half the s*it I saw, ‘member coming home watching TV, psh
He was a hundred deep, but on road half of ’em locked, uh, psh
Yeah, they don’t even talk on the phone no more ’cause cops, uh, psh, uh
Last n!gga play, y’all knock out his socks, psh
He got motion, for real, that young n!gga forget half the s*it that he bought, woo
You play with him, going to God
That smoke, never talk cops with his opps, woo
He found the worst of the worst, psh, still pinching in them stolen cars
Never geeked up as killers, psh, imagine what that do on bars, psh
I never cared how they used to treat him, that n!gga plate never gon’ starve, woo
Pu*sy, that’s from the heart
I mean it, psh
They never seen me in here, b!tch, I went large, woo
He never pulled a fraud, psh, he rich, he don’t hop in cars
What else? He rich, he don’t get on feet, psh
How he do a pay for the job? Psh
Never forget where I came from, n!gga, that’s how you get robbed, pu*sy
Never said he ain’t saw it
You ain’t know it, my new name, Fatt Fox the God


Get up on it, uh, psh, uh
Get on it, woo, psh, uh
Get on it, uh

[Verse 2]
I’m from where, they back-dooring they homies, psh
Where I’m from, you got opponents
Where I’m from, if it burn when you piss, you better book an appointment
Where I’m from, they pulling up, dumping
Where I’m from, they’ll bust your pumpkins
I’m from a land of gold digging b!tches, you go to sleep, hide your money
Taz hit it straight off his side
Where I’m from, where you drop that cheese, they coming
I really seen that s*it, on my mama
Now it don’t take nothing much, give ’em fifteen hundred

Get up on it, uh, psh, uh
Get up on it, woo
If they drop that s*it right now, they gon’ get up on it, uh
Psh, get up on it, uh
If they get your location, he gon’ get up on it, uh
Psh, huh, get up on it, uh
Uh, psh, get up on it, uh

Get Up On It Lyrics Meaning

The intro sets a tone of opportunity and ambition, suggesting that aligning oneself with someone influential like Frenchie can lead to success and advancement. It’s a statement of aspiration and possibility in a competitive environment.

[Verse 1]
This verse dives deep into the harsh realities of street life. It describes someone who is constantly vigilant (“another fed on his ass, he use a beeper”) and lives by the minute due to the dangers around them. Trust is rare (“he don’t even trust nobody”), and they rely solely on a small circle (“street sweepers”). The verse details dealings with illegal activities and the risks involved, referencing incidents like receiving unexpected supplies (“the last pack came through was extra”) and retaliation from adversaries (“last n!gga played with him sent a Tesla”). There’s an acknowledgment of a violent ethos where revenge is immediate (“you shoot me, I shoot you”). Despite past struggles and low income (“I make a hundred a week”), there’s pride in overcoming challenges and surviving tough situations (“can’t compare your story like mine”). It reflects a life shaped by violence, distrust, and a relentless pursuit of respect and survival in a hostile environment.

The chorus serves as a call to action, urging listeners to take initiative and make moves. It’s about seizing opportunities and being proactive in achieving goals or gaining advantage in challenging circumstances.

[Verse 2]
This verse paints a vivid picture of a community where betrayal among friends (“back-dooring they homies”) and threats from rivals are commonplace. It describes a place where personal safety is constantly threatened (“if it burn when you piss, you better book an appointment”) and violence erupts unexpectedly (“they pulling up, dumping”). References to materialism and deception (“gold digging b!tches”) illustrate the dangers and treachery present in daily life. The verse highlights personal experiences and the harsh realities faced growing up in such an environment, emphasizing the need for caution and vigilance.

Once again, the chorus reinforces the message of taking initiative and making decisive moves. It stresses the importance of seizing opportunities and taking action swiftly, especially in situations where delay or hesitation could lead to missed chances or increased risk.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Hear another fed on his ass, he use a beeper
This phrase describes someone constantly under surveillance, using a beeper to stay informed about police presence or surveillance activities in their neighborhood.

2. “You a killer, he gon’ greet you
It implies that if someone identifies you as a killer or dangerous, they will acknowledge you immediately upon meeting, possibly out of respect or caution.

3. “Last n!gga played with him sent a Tesla, drop top ‘Vette how we leaving
This line suggests that the consequences for crossing this person were severe, resulting in retaliation that led to them driving away in a luxurious convertible sports car.

4. “Never forget where I came from, n!gga, that’s how you get robbed
This phrase emphasizes the importance of staying connected to one’s roots to avoid becoming a target or losing touch with the realities of life that shaped one’s journey.

5. “Where I’m from, if it burn when you piss, you better book an appointment
This vivid metaphor warns of dire consequences if you experience discomfort or pain, suggesting immediate medical attention is crucial to avoid worsening health conditions.


Q. Who has sung Get Up On It song?
A. Get Up On It song is sung by YTB Fatt.

Q. Who wrote Get Up On It lyrics?
A. Get Up On It lyrics are penned by YTB Fatt.

Q. Who has given the music of Get Up On It song?
A. Get Up On It music is composed and produced by YTB Fatt.

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