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Feel Missing Lyrics by Kaneee is a latest Japanese song in the voice of Kaneee. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Feel Missing song lyrics are also written by Kaneee. It reflects on the challenges and introspection faced in life’s journey. Amidst the midnight city drives and self-doubt, Kaneee grapples with personal responsibility and resilience. The song encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness (“Only One”) and persist through struggles, echoing the sentiment that everyone faces their own battles. With a blend of personal reflection and determination, Kaneee urges staying true to oneself and finding solace even in turbulent times, resonating with listeners facing similar uncertainties.

Feel Missing Lyrics

[“Feel Missing” 歌詞]

(STUTS keep the groove going)

[Verse 1: Kaneee]
Midnight cruise 夜の City
My Car 飛ばす午前の2時
投げ出そう Blame put it on
I’ma furious so curious

Baby you know what I mean?
全て叶う日 来る絶対に 笑われても良いでしょ
Get ready stand on your feet

[Chorus: Yo-Sea & Kaneee]
聞こえてるなら Please stand up
比べないで君は Only One
Nobody knows so baby don’t be shy
行き場のない気持ち Midnight Cruising
I know 俺だけじゃない
Never lose your mind again
Never lose your mind again, yeah

[Verse 2: Yo-Sea]
I know you only keep grinding with a feel missing
STUTS, can I ride on?

Bad days but so many good things
止めないでshine, it’s never too late

[Bridge: Kaneee]
Yeah yeah
1 for yourself
2 for your family
Trust in my friend (My friend)
山積みのプロブレム got me crazy

[Chorus: Yo-Sea & Kaneee]
聞こえてるなら Please stand up
比べないで君は Only One
Nobody knows so baby Don’t be shy
行き場のない気持ち Midnight cruising
I know 俺だけじゃないそこで見てる君達も同じ
Never lose your mind again
Never lose your mind again yeah

(Lose your mind again yeah)
(Lose your mind again)


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Feel Missing Lyrics Meaning

(STUTS keep the groove going)
Meaning: STUTS maintains the rhythm and vibe of the song, setting the musical tone and energy.

[Verse 1: Kaneee]
Meaning: Kaneee reflects on a late-night drive through the city at 2 AM, feeling overwhelmed and self-critical. He refuses to lie about his life choices and acknowledges that despite seeming perfect, everyone faces increasing worries.

[Chorus: Yo-Sea & Kaneee]
Meaning: Yo-Sea and Kaneee encourage listeners to stand up if they hear them, affirming individual uniqueness (“Only One”). They express empathy for those feeling lost (“Midnight Cruising”), reassuring them that they’re not alone in their struggles.

[Verse 2: Yo-Sea]
Meaning: Yo-Sea talks about persevering daily, cherishing the present despite feeling something missing. He acknowledges occasional confusion and separation, yet remains resilient, focusing on the positive amidst challenges.

[Bridge: Kaneee]
Meaning: Kaneee reflects briefly on personal priorities and the overwhelming nature of unresolved problems, seeking solace in dreams amid life’s complexities.

[Chorus: Yo-Sea & Kaneee]
Meaning: Reiterating the earlier chorus, Yo-Sea and Kaneee emphasize standing out as “Only One,” urging listeners not to hide their feelings (“Midnight cruising”). They reassure that others share similar emotions and encourage maintaining mental resilience.

Meaning: The outro repeats the theme of losing oneself amidst challenges, reinforcing the message of overcoming adversity and staying resilient.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Midnight Cruising
Meaning: Kaneee describes driving through the city late at night, feeling lost and overwhelmed by self-blame and past mistakes. Despite uncertainties, he remains determined to stay true to himself.

2. “Only One
Meaning: Kaneee and Yo-Sea affirm individual uniqueness, urging listeners not to compare themselves with others. They emphasize that everyone faces similar emotional struggles, encouraging self-acceptance and confidence.

3. “Never Lose Your Mind Again
Meaning: The song emphasizes resilience and mental strength amidst challenges. Kaneee and Yo-Sea reassure listeners that it’s okay to feel lost sometimes, but they should remain steadfast and positive, finding solace in shared experiences.


Q. Who has sung Feel Missing song?
A. Feel Missing song is sung by Kaneee.

Q. Who wrote Feel Missing lyrics?
A. Feel Missing lyrics are penned by Kaneee.

Q. Who has given the music of Feel Missing song?
A. Feel Missing music is composed and produced by Kaneee.

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