Dreamy Sky Lyrics – 風間いろは (Kazama Iroha)

Dreamy Sky Lyrics by 風間いろは (Kazama Iroha) is a latest Japanese song in the voice of 風間いろは (Kazama Iroha). Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Dreamy Sky song lyrics are also written by 風間いろは (Kazama Iroha). Dreamy Sky by Kazama Iroha is a spirited anthem about chasing dreams under a romantic azure sky. It celebrates aspirations to become cuter and brighter, echoing the magic of shooting stars and a beckoning crescent moon. Amid city lights and secret dreams, the song exudes resilience and hope, likening life to a blooming flower and a dazzling spell. It’s a call to embrace fantasies, whether on rainy or sunny days, and to find joy in every leap towards dreams.

Dreamy Sky Lyrics

[“Dreamy Sky” 歌詞]

Let’s Go!
もっと 風に乗り きらめくの
Cuteな想い ほら何度でも

瞼にうつる ほうき星
夜空の中 飛び込んだ Shiny Girl
近づく三日月 合図して

眠りにつく 枕元 Secret Girl

雨の日でも 晴れの日でも
いつだって きっと
どこだって そっと

Let’s Go!
もっと 風に乗り きらめくの
Cuteな想い ほら何度でも

華やかドレス 身に纏い
誰かを待つ 憧れのPrincess Girl

道に迷って 1人悩んで

君と出会って 笑顔になって

Let’s Go!
もっと 風吹いて 動き出す
飛び立つ 希望を探して
ほら何度でも バッキュンだ!

日々を繋いで 重なるいろは

続きますように 君と今

Let’s Go!
もっと 風に乗り きらめくの
Cuteな想い ほら何度でも

Dreamy Sky Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with an enthusiastic call to action, urging listeners to soar higher under a captivating blue sky, dreaming of becoming even cuter. The phrase “バッキュンだ” (Bakkyun da) emphasizes a sense of excitement and determination.

Imagery of a shooting star reflected in closed eyelids symbolizes diving into the night sky as a “Shiny Girl.” The crescent moon beckons, seemingly within reach, guiding aspirations towards something just out of grasp.

Counting city lights before falling asleep as a “Secret Girl,” searching for undiscovered dreams, suggests a longing for something elusive and magical, yet to be found.

The lyrics compare resilience to a flower blooming straight and true in any weather, promising that magic shines softly everywhere, bringing brightness to life’s journey.

Returning to the refrain, it reaffirms the desire to sparkle under the enchanting blue sky, dreaming of becoming cuter than before, with the same infectious enthusiasm.

Imagining oneself draped in a glamorous dress, waiting for someone as an admired “Princess Girl,” juxtaposes idealized desires with everyday uncertainties.

Despite moments of doubt and solitude, the song reassures that meeting someone special can bring smiles and the magic that makes life shine.

The chorus echoes again, encouraging a mundane daily life to stir with the wind, seeking hope and bursting with emotions, resonating with the earlier call to action.

Expressing a desire not just to be helped but also to protect, the lyrics intertwine cherished dreams, connecting them like overlapping colors in life’s palette.

Reflecting on realizing true aspirations, the lyrics wish for this moment to continue indefinitely, alongside someone special, under the dreamy blue sky, dreaming of becoming cuter with unwavering enthusiasm.

“Dreamy Sky” Trivia & Facts

1. Theme Song: “Dreamy Sky” serves as the opening theme song for the anime series “Aikatsu Planet!” This series is part of the “Aikatsu!” multimedia franchise, which includes games, anime, and merchandise centered around idol activities and fashion.

2. Performed by Kazama Iroha: The song is performed by Kazama Iroha, who is also the voice actress (seiyuu) for the character Kanata Kira in the anime “Aikatsu Planet!” This dual role highlights her involvement both as a singer and as a voice talent in the franchise.

3. Lyrics and Composition: The lyrics of “Dreamy Sky” are uplifting and hopeful, reflecting themes of chasing dreams, resilience, and finding magic in everyday life. The composition blends pop elements with an upbeat tempo, fitting the energetic and optimistic tone of the anime series.

4. Release and Reception: The song was released as part of a single or album associated with the anime series. It has garnered popularity among fans of the “Aikatsu!” franchise for its catchy melody and motivational lyrics, which align with the series’ themes of friendship, growth, and pursuing dreams.

5. Cultural Impact: Within the anime community, “Dreamy Sky” is recognized as a notable opening theme due to its role in setting the tone for “Aikatsu Planet!” episodes. It contributes to the overall atmosphere and appeal of the series, adding to its soundtrack that enhances viewer engagement and emotional connection with the characters and storylines.


Q. Who has sung Dreamy Sky song?
A. Dreamy Sky song is sung by 風間いろは (Kazama Iroha).

Q. Who wrote Dreamy Sky lyrics?
A. Dreamy Sky lyrics are penned by 風間いろは (Kazama Iroha).

Q. Who has given the music of Dreamy Sky song?
A. Dreamy Sky music is composed and produced by 風間いろは (Kazama Iroha).

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