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But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) Lyrics by BOYNEXTDOOR is a latest Japanese song in the voice of BOYNEXTDOOR. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) song lyrics are also written by BOYNEXTDOOR. It is about the ups and downs of a complicated relationship. The singer expresses frustration with their partner’s behavior, feeling burdened and deceived by their actions. Despite trying to move on and focus on themselves—watching movies, changing their style, and meeting friends—they can’t fully escape the longing to see their ex. They feel foolish for still holding on to their ex’s number and are caught between anger and affection. The song portrays a push-pull dynamic where they recognize the toxicity yet occasionally miss their partner. The repeated cycle of trying to forget but wanting to reconnect highlights the emotional turmoil of breaking up and the difficulty of letting go completely. It’s a relatable depiction of the bittersweet moments and unresolved feelings that linger after a relationship ends.

But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) Lyrics

[“But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.)” 歌詞]

[Verse 1: Taesan, Sungho]

[Refrain: Woonhak]
You’re so bad, you know 遠慮なく

[Pre-Chorus: Leehan]
そう むしろ良い
I swear you never regret it

[Chorus: Taesan, Riwoo, Sungho]
写真の中 優しい君
頼む 消えちゃえ
But sometimes (Oh, no)

[Verse 2: Myung Jaehyun, Taesan]
Okay, cut, I’m out, これ最後の episode
服装, 髪も足取りまでも
(Alright) 君は悪くないよ
(Alright) 友達になれないな

Da-ra, la-la

[Refrain: Riwoo]
I’m so dumb, you know, 馬鹿みたい

[Pre-Chorus: Leehan]
そう むしろ良い

[Chorus: Woonhak, Riwoo, Myung Jaehyun]
写真の中 優しい君
頼む 消えちゃえ
But sometimes (Oh, no)

[Bridge: Taesan, Woonhak]
最近は元気さ, oh-oh, oh
体重も戻って, oh, oh
ヒロ、タクミ, Jamie, Sandy
なのに 君は泣いて
濡らす mascaraに
気分はスッキリさ ポン

[Chorus: Sungho, Riwoo]
Oh, I could’ve died for you
Oh, 後悔してんの?
Why are you selfish?

[Outro: Myung Jaehyun, Leehan]
Why, 今になって

But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
The song opens with frustration towards someone who dislikes rude people and can’t even speak ill of others. The singer sarcastically mentions how their broad shoulders meant for the person are only a hindrance in crowded trains.

It expresses the realization that the person is troublesome without hesitation, often deceiving with lies and leaving a scent unfamiliar and impossible to love anymore.

Here, the singer finds it better to openly criticize than hold back, knowing they won’t regret it, even though they admit feeling foolish.

Asking rhetorically if the kind person in pictures is genuine or fake, questioning promises made and sometimes wishing they’d disappear, yet occasionally longing to meet them again.

[Verse 2]
The singer declares they’re done, likening it to the final episode of a series, ready to relax by watching stored movies and dramas. They aim to transform from their current self, from appearance to attitude, and take responsibility instead of blaming the person.

They feel foolish for still having the person’s contact number and acknowledge that it’s impossible to be okay without them.

Reiterating it’s better to speak harsh truths without tears, asking for honesty rather than fake emotions.

Repeating the uncertainty about the person’s sincerity, urging them to disappear at times but also admitting to wanting to see them occasionally.

Despite seemingly moving on—feeling better lately, gaining back weight, meeting friends—the singer sees the person still crying, adding to their frustration with a clear sense of relief.

Wondering if they were ready to give everything up for the person, now realizing their selfishness and questioning why they’ve changed.

Finally deciding to refuse any reunion, asserting they can live without the person.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “口悪い人嫌がって
This phrase expresses disdain towards people who are rude or speak ill of others, showing a dislike for negative behavior.

2. “嘘で誤魔化して
It means deceiving with lies, trying to cover up or manipulate the truth to avoid facing consequences or hurting feelings.

3. “馬鹿な僕さ
Describes feeling foolish or stupid in a self-deprecating way, acknowledging one’s own shortcomings or mistakes.

4. “写真の中 優しい君
Refers to the kind and gentle version of someone seen in photographs, questioning whether this portrayal matches their real-life personality.

5. “今度こそって誓った言葉も
This phrase reflects on promises made in the past, wondering if this time the promises will hold true, expressing doubt or skepticism about their sincerity.


Q. Who has sung But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) song?
A. But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) song is sung by BOYNEXTDOOR.

Q. Who wrote But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) lyrics?
A. But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) lyrics are penned by BOYNEXTDOOR.

Q. Who has given the music of But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) song?
A. But Sometimes (Japanese Ver.) music is composed and produced by BOYNEXTDOOR.

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