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Big Mama Lyrics by Latto is a latest English song in the voice of Latto. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Big Mama song lyrics are also written by Latto. In It, she describes her intense feelings and relationship with a man. She feels butterflies around him and has been honest about her past. Latto questions his actions, wanting to ensure his loyalty. She expresses her s*xual desires vividly, asking for affection and intimacy. She enjoys being called “Big Mama,” which boosts her confidence. The song highlights her dominance, independence, and high standards, emphasizing that she expects effort and devotion from her partner. Latto also takes pride in her success and lifestyle, contrasting herself with other women who don’t meet her standards.

Big Mama Lyrics

Uh, okay (Tuh)

You make it hard to talk about you (Uh)
Like what I see, so I’m workin my mood
You give me butterflies, you the one, fu*k them other guys
At the start, I told a couple lies, but after that, I swear, I really tried
Kept it real about my past n!ggas and I hope you never thinking otherwise
Sometimes, my mind takes me places and I wonder why
Why the fu*k you got two phones? N!gga, what you doing on that other line?
S*it, better be some money talk ’cause some beef talk go another vibe

I don’t play about a side b!tch and you heard me say about a hunnid times
Let me try and keep it s*xy for you, we can talk about that another time
Love yo’ ass in the worst way, let you hit it on the first date
What you gon’ do for Big Mama, for real?
What do I get for my birthday?
What do I get for my birthday?
What do I get for my birthday?
What do I get for my birthday?
You gotta put in some work today
Can you please do the most for me ’cause I’m sprung? (Sprung for you)
Can you give me some good d!ck ’til I cum? (Cum for you)
Then can you make me nut again, where’s your tongue? (Want for you)
Can I please get a pink Glock with a drum? (Pow, pow, pow)
If you can go another round then we ain’t done
I’ma fu*k you ’til we see the sun
Drinking out the bottle ’til this s*it is done
On some Andre 3K s*it, man, where the fu*k are my panties at?
‘Cause I ain’t wearing none, I ain’t wearing none
I ain’t wearing none, I ain’t wearing none

Yeah, yeah
Big Mama, Big Mama, Big Mama
Betting it wet when he call me Big— (Yeah, COUPE)

Love when he call me Big Mama, yeah, that get the coochie wet
Ho better stick to TikToking, mean that with all disrespect
I was a virgin ‘fore I met you, baby, I don’t have a ex
Thought I told you b!tches, I pull up in twenty Cadillacs (Skrrt), yeah
Money long, cheetah thong, thick as hell, Georgia Dome
Sharing n!ggas, sharing clothes, I don’t know what y’all be on
Y’all go for s*it I wouldn’t, I’m up three-hundred a booking
B!tch, I don’t play for the Nets, but I’m gon’ shoot s*it up ’bout Brooklyn (On God, brrt)
Every time I’m cooking (Cooking), he know I put my foot in (Foot in)
Leave yo’ b!tch, get wit’ a boss, she can’t give you nothing but pu*sy (Aw)
Pretty boy can’t take me home, Latto want an Al Capone
T-shirt with no panties on, fu*k him to my favorite song, ah

Yeah (Big Mama, tuh)
And don’t, yeah (Big Mama, yeah)
B!tches get (Big Mama, Big Mama, pow, pow, pow, pow)
B!tch, I’m Big Mama (Pow, pow, pow, pow)
Call me Big Mama (Pow)
He loves his Big Mama
Big Mama, Big Mama (Yeah, pow, pow, tuh, pow-pow, yeah, yuh)
Big Mama, Big Mama
Big Mama (Yeah, yuh, pow-pow, yeah, yuh, pow, pow, yeah, yuh, pow-pow)
Yeah, I get wet when he call me Big Mama (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Big Mama, Big Mama
Big Mama (Yeah, pow, pow, tuh, pow-pow, yeah, yuh)
Big Mama, Big Mama
Big Mama (Yeah, yuh, pow-pow, yeah, yuh, pow, pow, yeah, yuh, pow-pow)
Yeah, I get wet when he call me Big Mama (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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Big Mama Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
Latto starts by expressing that it’s complicated to discuss her feelings about her partner, hinting at a complex relationship. She is very attracted to him, feeling “butterflies” and seeing him as special, unlike other men. She admits to lying initially but assures him she has been honest since. Latto opens up about her past relationships, hoping he trusts her. She sometimes doubts, especially why he has two phones, worrying it might be for something shady unless it’s for business.

Latto emphasizes she won’t tolerate infidelity, a point she’s made clear repeatedly. She tries to keep things light and s*xy, suggesting they discuss serious matters later. She expresses deep love, revealing they got intimate quickly and asking what he will do for her birthday, expecting effort and affection. She asks for his dedication, wanting him to go all out because she’s infatuated with him. Latto openly discusses her s*xual desires, seeking satisfaction and playful fantasies like a “pink Glock with a drum.” She wants prolonged intimacy until morning, drinking until they’re done, and being carefree. The playful search for her panties adds a fun, uninhibited vibe to their relationship.

In the chorus, Latto embraces her nickname “Big Mama,” used affectionately by her partner. This term of endearment makes her feel powerful and desired, highlighting their playful and intimate bond. The repetition emphasizes her dominance and the affection they share.

[Verse 2]
Latto loves being called “Big Mama,” which turns her on and boosts her confidence. She dismisses her critics, especially those on social media, implying they aren’t on her level. She asserts her loyalty, saying she was a virgin before meeting her partner and has no exes. Latto boasts about her success, wealth, and style, painting a vivid picture of her bold lifestyle. She criticizes those who share partners and clothes, indicating her high standards.

Latto mentions earning a lot per booking, highlighting her financial independence. She references the Brooklyn Nets, suggesting she’s ready to take action if needed. Latto talks about her skills in the kitchen, appreciated by her partner, and advises him to leave his current girlfriend for her, offering more than physical satisfaction. She prefers a strong, protective partner and hints at her bold, carefree nature by mentioning her T-shirt with no panties and enjoying intimacy to her favorite song.

The chorus reaffirms Latto’s identity as “Big Mama,” emphasizing her dominance, confidence, and the affectionate bond with her partner. The repeated lines create a catchy, rhythmic element, highlighting her self-assured persona and their mutual attraction. The nickname empowers her, making her feel desired and in control, celebrating their playful and intimate dynamic.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “You make it hard to talk about you
She finds it difficult to discuss her feelings about him because her emotions are complex and intense. He evokes strong reactions in her that are challenging to articulate.

2. “You give me butterflies, you the one
He makes her feel excited and nervous, like butterflies in her stomach. She believes he is special and stands out from other men.

3. “Kept it real about my past n!ggas
She has been honest about her past relationships and hopes he trusts her sincerity. She wants to be open and genuine in their relationship.

4. “Why the fu*k you got two phones?
She is suspicious and questions why he has two phones, wondering if he is hiding something. It reflects her concern about potential dishonesty or infidelity.

5. “I don’t play about a side b!tch
She is very clear that she will not tolerate any other women in his life. Loyalty and faithfulness are crucial to her.

6. “Can you please do the most for me ’cause I’m sprung?
She asks him to put in extra effort for her because she is deeply infatuated with him. She wants him to show how much he cares.

7. “I’ma fu*k you ’til we see the sun
She wants to be intimate with him all night until morning. It expresses her desire for a deep, passionate connection.

8. “Love when he call me Big Mama
She feels empowered and desired when he calls her “Big Mama.” It is a term of endearment that makes her feel special and confident.

9. “Money long, cheetah thong, thick as hell, Georgia Dome
She describes her lavish lifestyle and physical attributes, emphasizing her success, style, and confidence. She paints a vivid picture of her bold and glamorous persona.

10. “T-shirt with no panties on, fu*k him to my favorite song
She enjoys being intimate with him in a casual, comfortable setting, like wearing just a T-shirt. It shows her carefree and bold attitude towards their relationship.

“Big Mama” Trivia & Facts

1. Latto’s Background: Latto, whose real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens, began her career under the stage name Miss Mulatto. She later changed her name to Latto in 2021 due to the controversial nature of the term “mulatto”.

2. Musical Journey: Latto rose to fame after winning the reality TV series “The Rap Game” in 2016. She has since become known for her bold lyrics and energetic performances.

3. Recognition: Latto has been recognized in the hip-hop community, including being featured on the cover of XXL magazine’s “Freshman Of The Year” issue in 2020. This highlights her rapid rise in the music industry.

4. Personal Challenges: Latto identifies as biracial and has faced bullying for being light-skinned. She has spoken about the challenges of colorism and discrimination, which have shaped her perspective and music.

5. Notable Collaborations: Over her career, Latto has collaborated with several big names in the music industry, including Saweetie, Trina, Gucci Mane, Cardi B, Mariah Carey, Doja Cat, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage.

6. Drag Racing Hobby: Before focusing entirely on her music career, Latto was known for her interest in drag racing, a hobby that was common in her family. Eventually, she prioritized her passion for rapping over racing.

7. Social Media Presence: Latto is also very active on social media, where she engages with her fans and shares insights into her life and career. Her presence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter has helped her build a strong fan base.


Q. Who has sung Big Mama song?
A. Big Mama song is sung by Latto.

Q. Who wrote Big Mama lyrics?
A. Big Mama lyrics are penned by Latto.

Q. Who has given the music of Big Mama song?
A. Big Mama music is composed and produced by Latto.

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