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0 Lyrics (English Translation) by Ado is a latest Japanese song in the voice of Ado. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new 0 song lyrics are also written by Ado. It dives into the chaos and confusion of modern life, especially from the perspective of the younger generation. The song reflects on the constant pressure to conform, the struggle to express genuine thoughts, and the pervasive feeling of emptiness fueled by egos that can’t handle imperfection. It highlights how people hide behind facades, avoiding responsibility, and how the “00 generation” faces relentless challenges. Despite this, there’s a resilient spirit in navigating this brutal society, searching for direction, and embracing fallibility as part of life’s gamble. The song emphasizes starting from zero, facing fears, and continuously praying for a sense of truth and understanding. It paints a picture of someone lost but determined to keep moving forward, even if the path is uncertain and created by chance. The lyrics capture the duality of strength and vulnerability, reflecting a heartfelt quest for meaning amidst life’s unpredictable journey.

0 (English Translation) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ah, the height of intoxication, soaked in pleasure, left and right
Capacity filled with fiction
QWERTY seems to be the only weapon, reality, lol
So what, you’re the only one right?
How empty, a mass of ego that can’t accept imperfection

[Verse 2]
“This, that is absolutely correct!”
Every day they declare something like that
Selling off their hyper front
Abandoning all responsibility.
Only the surface is a data collector’s way

The pride of the rough 00 generation that has been pushed around and pushed around.

It’s hard to write about my inner thoughts
The margin is too narrow
It seems like it’s not just a groundless worry
Chewing at the brutal society
With a resilient mentality
The color of life is burned blue
Without knowing where I am, I walk down a path that was created by chance.

Fallible, fallible
Fallible, fallible
In life’s gamble, we are fallible
Fallible, fallible
In life’s gamble, we are fallible

[Verse 3]
There’s no truth to anything
It’s not something that exists, it’s something to pray for
Even now, I’m praying to be right
I’ll start from zero
I’ll take it all on
I’ll go beyond that without fear.

[Verse 4]
I’m always reviewing my way of doing things
Ey, this way of being that accepts those on the other side
Ah, this heart in the midst of the hustle and bustle
The will to draw from
The pride of the 00 generation that coexists with contradictions.

It’s hard to write about my feelings
The margins are too narrow
It seems like more than just a needless worry
As I chew on this brutal society
With a mentality that lacks resilience
The color of life burns blue
With no idea of ​​where I am
I walk along a road that came about by chance.

I’m searching for the direction my heart is heading
I’m simply hoping that one day I’ll be able to find my way.
Hello, the light I lost without knowing
The vision I forgot.
Even now when I no longer understand anything
My prayers continue to resonate.

In life’s gamble, we are fallible
Fallible, fallible
In life’s gamble, we are fallible


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0 (English Translation) Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
This verse captures the feeling of being caught up in fleeting pleasures and distractions, where fiction seems to fill every corner of life. The only real tool for navigating this reality is the keyboard, highlighting the digital age’s influence. The mention of ego reflects a struggle with self-acceptance and the inability to embrace flaws and imperfections.

[Verse 2]
Here, the song addresses the constant proclamations of certainty by others, who often present a confident facade while shirking real responsibility. It criticizes the superficial nature of society and how the younger generation, the “00 generation,” deals with relentless pressure and challenges, often feeling tossed around and manipulated.

Expressing inner thoughts is tough because society’s constraints make it feel almost impossible. The worry isn’t baseless; it’s rooted in a harsh reality. The resilience needed to face this world is profound, and life’s essence is vividly intense. The path forward seems random, with no clear direction, but there’s a determined effort to keep moving.

The chorus emphasizes human fallibility, suggesting that making mistakes is a fundamental part of life. It compares life to a gamble where everyone is prone to errors, highlighting the inevitability of imperfection in our journey.

[Verse 3]
This verse reflects a sense of disillusionment, where finding truth feels elusive and more like a matter of faith. Despite uncertainties, there’s a resolve to start afresh, face challenges head-on, and push beyond fears, emphasizing a courageous and determined outlook.

[Verse 4]
This part shows a continuous self-evaluation, accepting differences and contradictions within oneself and others. The chaos of daily life is acknowledged, but there’s a pride in navigating it all, especially as part of a generation that has learned to live with and embrace these contradictions.

Expressing feelings remains difficult due to societal constraints. The worries are valid, not just baseless fears. Facing a harsh world with a less resilient mentality, life’s vividness is experienced intensely. Despite feeling lost, there’s a persistence in moving forward on an unpredictable path.

The bridge explores a quest for direction and clarity in life. It acknowledges lost opportunities and forgotten visions. Even in confusion, there’s a hope and prayer for understanding, with a deep-seated wish for things to make sense someday.

Reiterating the theme, the chorus underscores that life is unpredictable and full of mistakes. It reinforces the idea that being fallible is part of the human experience, and everyone is subject to making errors in life’s unpredictable journey.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Capacity filled with fiction”
This phrase suggests that life is often filled with illusions and falsehoods, making it hard to distinguish what’s real. It highlights how we sometimes escape reality by indulging in fantasies and made-up stories.

2. “QWERTY seems to be the only weapon, reality, lol”
In today’s digital age, the keyboard (QWERTY) is our main tool for navigating life, communicating, and expressing ourselves. The “lol” adds a hint of irony, pointing out how detached from reality we’ve become.

3. “The pride of the rough 00 generation that has been pushed around and pushed around”
This line speaks to the resilience and strength of the younger generation (00s), who face constant challenges and pressure. Despite being pushed around by society, they maintain a sense of pride and toughness.

4. “It’s hard to write about my inner thoughts”
Expressing deep, personal feelings can be incredibly difficult. This phrase reflects the struggle to articulate emotions and thoughts, often feeling constrained by societal expectations or personal limitations.

5. “In life’s gamble, we are fallible”
Life is unpredictable and full of risks, much like a gamble. This phrase acknowledges that making mistakes is part of being human. It emphasizes accepting our imperfections as we navigate through life’s uncertainties.


Q. Who has sung 0 (English Translation) song?
A. 0 (English Translation) song is sung by Ado.

Q. Who wrote 0 (English Translation) lyrics?
A. 0 (English Translation) lyrics are penned by Ado.

Q. Who has given the music of 0 (English Translation) song?
A. 0 (English Translation) music is composed and produced by Ado.

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